Archive for Melituri RPers We're a crazy clan of Role-players!

Official staff business
This is where the staff post those oh so important announcements.
The help desk
This is where you post any and all forum and role-play related questions, comments and suggestions.
Character creation
This is where your character's biography and profile goes.
Melituri's Mainland
This is where the actual RPing takes place.
OOC RP discussion
This is where the out of character RP related discussions go.
Casual stuff
The welcome mat
This is where you post your intro thread!
General cafe
For all those non-RP talks!
Artist's studio
This is where all of your artistic creations go!
The want ads
This is the place for you to advertise your own website/web-forum!

Must have at least 10 posts to advertise!
The Arcade
Game corner
This is the place to discuss video games of all kinds! Have fun!
Contest hall
This is where the staff hold various contests! The prizes vary.

Current contest: -none-
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